The Stylestream was created out of the endless love of the hunt. We offer a curated collection of vintage classics via a one-of-a-kind '76 Airstream. Whether its women's, mens, home or baby we're addicted to resurfacing timeless vintage finds. 

 The Stylestream stands behind a sustainable lifestyle by promoting vintage shopping for its uniqueness and environmental benefits. Thank you for supporting a small business and choosing to shop vintage to lessen the impacts on Mother Earth. 


Inspired by a love of street style, travel and design combined with a decade of experience in digital marketing, Mercedes had her sights set on bringing a fresh shopping experience to the Bay Area.

In 2017, she began her search for a vintage Airstream with the vision of creating the Stylestream. What began as an idea cultivated through years of self evolvement and a drive to stay true to her passion, Mercedes created a unique retail experience hitting the Bay Area streets.